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I regularly post to my news blog when the number of readers hits a certain target and I get the time to do so :)  I have been writing my blog for many years now and some of my posts have been read over 3,000 times! Feel free to check back every now and again to see what's happening at

Overflowing With Livestock

Published: 29/05/2009 Comments 0

A nice sunny day today, oh why couldn't it have been like this when we went to visit my mother in-law at the seaside on Wednesday. It poured the entire day and was very cold. It looks like the weather

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British Tarantula Annual Show

Published: 22/05/2009 Comments 0

I seem to have loads to say but no time to say it! I went to the British Tarantula annual show last weekend. It was very good as usual but I bought far too many new animals and consequently I am still

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Open Afternoons

Published: 15/05/2009 Comments 0

I put the details of my 'open afternoon' on the website a few days ago. I have had several people from far and wide say that they are coming so I decided to extend the hours. The time is now 1pm - 4pm

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Grand Design Show

Published: 08/05/2009 Comments 0

It's been an up and down week, Monday was another Bank Holiday (we went to the Grand Designs Show, very interesting). Tuesday was slow sales and enquiries wise but I had plenty to catch up on. I was supposed

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Pinch Punch

Published: 01/05/2009 Comments 0

The sun is shinning, it's been a really busy week. I'm so pleased that my business seems to be doing ok in the current economic climate, I'm never going to get rich keeping bugs but keeping things ticking

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George Lamb Show - BBC Radio 6

Published: 24/04/2009 Comments 0

Some nice sunny weather this week, shame it always seems to be during the week when everyone is working. I am going to an animal show tomorrow and the forecast is rain. I went to the Kettering bug fair

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Two New Arrivals

Published: 17/04/2009 Comments 0

Easter has been and gone, the weather here has been pretty rotten. I went out on Good Friday and it rained, we had a barbeque on Easter Sunday and it was cold and wet (plus the gas ran out and I had to

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Happy Easter

Published: 03/04/2009 Comments 0

A busy week with things coming and going, I had more giant millipedes and mantids arrive, I now have a good selection of both. Millipedes have become really popular in the last year or so. They are very

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Hubbies Birthday

Published: 27/03/2009 Comments 0

Another week flies by. It is my husband's 'significant' birthday today. He tells everyone that he is six younger than me but he forgets to tell them that it is actually six weeks, not months or years.

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First Day Of Spring

Published: 20/03/2009 Comments 0

First day of spring tomorrow and it has certainly been a beautiful week here. I was out in the garden in a t-shirt yesterday. The bramble is beginning to grow again and I hope it is a sign of things to

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