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What a week, the new website is amazing.

Published: 02/10/2009 Comments 0

What a week, the new website is amazing. I think my orders have quadrupled since the site went live. I am absolutely delighted. I know people joke about doing less work for more money but I really needed

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I have joined the 21st century!

Published: 25/09/2009 Comments 0

I have joined the 21st century! Wow, this is the biggest shake up of my business ever. When things have changed in the past it has always been a gradual progression. When I gave up making cages it was

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New web site is on it's way!

Published: 18/09/2009 Comments 0

New web site is on it's way! My poor hubby has spent every bit of his spare time adding products to the site this week. He had a day off work yesterday and spent most of the day adding a multitude of

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Busy Busy Busy

Published: 11/09/2009 Comments 0

Busy, busy, both work and home seem to have gone mad at the moment! My husband has started a new job and is working ten hour days, plus travelling time. My daughter has returned from her holiday in Cyprus

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Feeling Like Autumn

Published: 04/09/2009 Comments 0

September now and it's looking and feeling like Autumn. At least I've got my holiday to look forward to next month! I have a large number of tarantulas coming in from a breeder in Europe, hopefully today

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New Website On Its Way

Published: 28/08/2009 Comments 0

A busy week, catching up on everything. I haven't had anything new in this week but I have several new species of tarantula spiders coming in next week. I received my weekly delivery of crickets yesterday

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An Emotional Week

Published: 21/08/2009 Comments 0

Well what an emotional week, the bugs are all fine but everything else seems to have gone wrong. I have spent so much time sorting out family problems and pets that I am very behind with the bugs. I have

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Re-housing And Re-arranging

Published: 14/08/2009 Comments 0

A busy week as usual. I haven't had too many new animals in but I have been re-housing and re-arranging quite a lot in my bug house. I have also had a lot of paperwork to catch up on. I spent most of

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Back From Switzerland

Published: 07/08/2009 Comments 0

No blog last week due to me and hubby being in Switzerland. I won the 5* trip in a competition and it was pure luxury. The hotel was out of this world (certainly out of my world), the spa was amazing.

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Won A Weekend In Switzerland

Published: 24/07/2009 Comments 0

A busy week, lots of bugs coming in and thankfully lots going out too. I have received many new spiderlings, some large Pink Toe tarantulas, land hermit crabs and a new species of millipede. My open afternoon

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