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A very unwelcome bug

Published: 02/04/2010 Comments 0

A very unwelcome bug laid me low last week, I was unable to write my blog and unable to move much at all for a couple of days. I'm assuming I had the norovirus, several newspapers have mentioned how prevalent

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A pleasant week, warm at last

Published: 19/03/2010 Comments 0

A pleasant week, warm at last and in only two days it will officially be Spring. The bugs are all going well and many are breeding prolifically, especially the stick insects, but there is still no bramble

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Oh the joys of being self employed

Published: 12/03/2010 Comments 0

Oh the joys of being self employed. I have been rushed off my feet for weeks and then suddenly I have had hardly any orders at all this week. I have no idea why? It is most odd but I can't say I am too

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Well at least it's March now and the sun is shining

Published: 05/03/2010 Comments 0

Well at least it's March now and the sun is shining but it doesn't feel like Spring yet with all the frost in the mornings. The pond outside my office window still has a thin layer of ice on it and where

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A much better week all round

Published: 26/02/2010 Comments 0

A much better week all round. The weather has improved throughout the week and there have been no problems with the post. We did have snow again on Monday though. I couldn't believe it, one minute it

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Business is booming but it's still only me!

Published: 19/02/2010 Comments 0

Business is booming but it's still only me! I am really pleased that the website, launched only last September, has been such a success. Orders are pouring in but at times it is very difficult to keep

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A tough week emotionally!

Published: 12/02/2010 Comments 0

A tough week emotionally! I have never had so many orders to deal with and the extra work has bought with it many problems. I have had several parcels delayed (I despair of Royal Mail), I had my first

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Spring is approaching

Published: 05/02/2010 Comments 0

Spring is approaching. I can finally say that it is spring next month! The weather has been considerably warmer these last couple of days, which is good as I have had a lot of new live stock this week

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The recession is over

Published: 29/01/2010 Comments 0

The recession is over, so they say. Certainly I have never had so many orders. I think now that Christmas is gone and the snow has disappeared, everyone is thinking of spring. I can't wait until it is

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Melt down Wednesday!

Published: 22/01/2010 Comments 0

Melt down Wednesday! On Wednesday this week I had really had enough and decided that a menial job where someone else takes all the responsibilities was a great idea for me. Since then I have calmed down

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