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I regularly post to my news blog when the number of readers hits a certain target and I get the time to do so :)  I have been writing my blog for many years now and some of my posts have been read over 3,000 times! Feel free to check back every now and again to see what's happening at

Not A Good Week

Published: 28/11/2008 Comments 0

Where to start? I seriously considered not writing my blog this week as I'm not a happy bunny. The bugs are fine, I got some nice new mantids in and sales have picked up quite a bit since last week. However

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Day Trip To Harrods

Published: 21/11/2008 Comments 0

This will have to be a short blog as I had a rare day off yesterday and I'm now inundated with emails to answer, plus messages on both the landline phone and mobile. I went to Harrods with a friend, it

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Tarantulas Tarantulas

Published: 14/11/2008 Comments 0

I had lots of new tarantulas come in yesterday afternoon, there are several species and some nice specimens. I think they are all from Chile but I haven't had a close look yet, I will be sorting them

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Christmas Around The Corner

Published: 07/11/2008 Comments 0

Another month gone by and Christmas will soon be upon us. I'm working as hard as ever caring for all the bugs but unfortunately sales are down dramatically. I think we are certainly in recession. Most

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Happy Halloween

Published: 31/10/2008 Comments 0

Happy Halloween - spiders, snakes, bugs and bats abound - all the things I love! Unfortunately Georgie and I won't be on the telly this afternoon as planned. I rang and cancelled as the whole thing seemed

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Spent A Fotune On Bugs

Published: 24/10/2008 Comments 0

I went to a large bug exhibition last weekend and spent a fortune on new stock so most of this week I have been sorting it out. I still have boxes on top of boxes but everything is housed and fed. I just

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Baby Has Arrived

Published: 17/10/2008 Comments 0

Tired again but this time she had the baby! (see last week's blog) a beautiful baby girl born yesterday afternoon. I was woken at 5.30am and rushed round to take care of the other two while they shot

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Baby On The Way

Published: 10/10/2008 Comments 0

I'm rather tired this morning. My nephew's third child is due this weekend and last night his wife Karen, started having mild contractions so they shot off to hospital and I settled down on the sofa for

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Published: 03/10/2008 Comments 0

Where to start this week? The bugs are all fine but it's been a week of turmoil personally, I managed to get two speeding tickets in a ten minute period, going to the petrol station and then coming back

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It's Officially Autumn

Published: 26/09/2008 Comments 0

Well it is officially Autumn now so I suppose I can't complain about the cold, damp weather but I will anyway. I think I should have been born in a warmer country. I really feel the cold, probably because

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