Saturday 27th June

This week: Lots of special offers for the beginning of the month; Spiders, Domino cockroaches, Assassin bugs, Hissing cockroaches, Millipedes - Just take a look around the site :)

Coronavirus (Corvid 19) 

I am doing my best to keep going. Ginny's Jungle is unable to run and my main customers at this time of year, being educational establishments, are closed to the public and therefore not purchasing. I am still caring for the daily needs of all my animals and I am continuing to send out orders and am also accepting orders for collection at the door. I have added the following additions to my regular terms and conditions:

1) I will despatch orders as soon as possible (you will still receive an email with the tracking number once the parcel has been despatched).

2) Royal Mail are doing a good job, they are still guaranteeing next day delivery but it may be a little later in the day than usual (just a few orders have arrived a day late over the lockdown period and no animals have suffered as a result).

3) If a refund is required for any reason this will be given in the form of a voucher (to be used on my website within the following 12 months)

4) You are welcome to call and collect your order from me. Simply let me know what you want and when you would like to collect.

Thank you for your support, understanding and patience at this very difficult time for us all. Please feel free to call with any enquiries, I am available Mon-Friday 8am - 4pm on 07971 838724

All About Me

I am the original 'Bug Lady', breeding and supplying many types of creepy crawly pets. My little home business has now been going for over 35 years, in the last few years I have found myself being called the ‘Spider Lady’ more often than not. Trends are continually changing and arachnids are far more popular than they have ever been before. I have a bug room at the side of our house that is dedicated to keeping a multitude of creatures. Since moving out of London in 2003, my work is mainly postal, so many things have changed over the years. My first online store was set up in 2009 and in October 2012 my current online store went live, the photographs are larger and clearer, the information is more comprehensive and the online ordering is simpler and therefore easier to use. Even I find it hard to believe that I once sent out paper catalogues and waited for customers to post me their orders and cheques. I am still readily accessible by email and telephone and I strive to maintain my position as the most friendly and reliable bug supplier! (my USP? I do not lie!)

In years gone by I have bred Lepidoptera for schools and private individuals, I manufactured a range of net cages and visited primary schools with my mini-beast show. I now concentrate on breeding and supplying live bugs within the UK and Europe. I appeared on television quite frequently in the past (the Big Breakfast and various children's TV shows), these days I am generally behind the scenes, supplying the bugs to be filmed. I provide many schools, universities, butterfly farms, zoos and private individuals with an ever increasing, number of invertebrate animals. I am mainly a livestock supplier but I do sell a few pieces of associated equipment e.g. heat mats, plastic containers, thermometers and hygrometers. All my parcels are sent by Royal Mail's fastest methods of delivery, which is calculated on weight. I therefore only sell 'lighter' items of equipment. As you can tell from just a couple of paragraphs the bug business is ever changing and l do my best to adapt, trading for over 35 years isn't bad going!  I do not import any animals, consequently the vast majority of my creatures are captive bred. 

In 2016 I started Ginny’s Jungle parties and Animal Encounters and in March 2018 I began to amalgamate the two businesses onto the one website (my website is always a work in progress, I am constantly updating it!), in 2019 I became a registered Women’s Institute speaker. I have lots of ideas but not a lot of time! 

Thank you for your continued support, Virginia Cheeseman FRES

21 Willow Close
Flackwell Heath
High Wycombe
HP10 9LH

Tel: 07971 838724 / 01628 522632 (Office hours Monday-Friday 8am - 4pm)
Email: [email protected]


Special Offer
Hissing Cockroach (Gromphadorhina species) Adult / Sub-adult

Hissing Cockroach (Gromphadorhina species) Adult / Sub-adult

Common Name : Hissing Cockroach Scientific Name : Gromphadorhina species Size : Adult ..


Jungle Nymph Stick Insect (Heteropteryx dilatata) Small Nymph

Jungle Nymph Stick Insect (Heteropteryx dilatata) Small Nymph

Common Name : Jungle Nymph Stick Insect Scientific Name : Heteropteryx dilatata Size : Smal..


Special Offer
Hissing Cockroach (Gromphadorhina sp.) Adult/Sub-adult x 12

Hissing Cockroach (Gromphadorhina sp.) Adult/Sub-adult x 12

Common Name: Hissing Cockroach Scientific Name: Gromphadorhina species Size: Adult / S..