Fun Feeding Spiders

Published: 03/07/2009 Comments: 0

What a hot and sunny week we have had, it's been like the Mediterranean. I love the heat and so do the bugs, everything seems to be moving at double speed and breeding like crazy. My Giant Spiny stick insects 'broke out' of their cage a few days ago. They ate through the netting lid, I have now put a plastic lid on the cage but it took a couple of days to find them. Feeding the spiders was fun this week (not). I had to be so careful opening the boxes to pop the crickets in. If I wasn't quick enough the spider popped out and ran across the table. It really is a bit hot to be chasing spiders around the bug house. I always keep the door shut when I'm feeding the spiders! The praying mantids and cockroaches have been taking flight too, it's been an animated week.

Sales are still good, I have received more tarantula spiders this week and I am picking up some new scorpions today and possibly some Laneatores too. I haven't seen these fascinating creatures for ages. They are like large Harvestmen, I think they come from Chile? I will have to do some Googling if I get them. I do remember that they are scavengers. They will feed on anything, are very easy to keep and will hopefully breed.

I have had quite a bit of feedback on last week's blog. Everyone seems to think that I would be better off concentrating on the rarer animals and stopping the bugs that take time to look after but don't sell well e.g. African snails and Indian stick insects. If you are near enough to call and collect I will let them go at 'next to nothing', first come first served! Somebody who visited this week asked how I ever get to go on holiday with all these animals to care for. I told him it is very difficult and takes a lot of planning. I am not having a summer holiday this year but we are going on a two week cruise in October (won in a competition). I am beginning to plan already and I think I need to look at what can be cared for ok in my absence (spiders, scorpions, millipedes, cockroaches) and what can't (stick insects, praying mantids, grasshoppers). I will be cutting down on the more time consuming bugs as from August 1st and then of course I will build them up again when I get back. My daughter will be here to look after everything and my mother in-law is now living locally. Neither are exactly bug lovers though so I need to simplify things as much as possible.

Don't forget my next open afternoon - Saturday 18th July.


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