British Tarantula Annual Show

Published: 22/05/2009 Comments: 0

I seem to have loads to say but no time to say it! I went to the British Tarantula annual show last weekend. It was very good as usual but I bought far too many new animals and consequently I am still trying to catch up with myself. The power was off yesterday as planned but the electricity board finished their 'essential maintenance' early and power was restored about 2pm, rather than 4pm. I then turned on the computer to umpteen emails. It isn't only work that has been busy this week it is a bumper week for birthdays in our family, my sister's on Wednesday, great niece's yesterday and daughter's 17th tomorrow.

Back to the show - I need to speak French! There were several exhibitors from Europe and many from France. They had some great stock, especially spiders but we had a definite language barrier. I managed to get some Goliath Birdeating spiders (Theraphosa leblondi) but they were the most expensive spiderlings that I have ever bought. I'm sure if I spoke French I could have got a better deal! My husband and friends at the show said that the spiders were way too dear but I knew that people really wanted them so I took a gamble and bought just six. I have put them on my website as 'collection only or posted at your own risk'. I am not expecting to lose any in the post but there is little profit on them so I am not prepared to take even a tiny gamble. I'm very pleased to say that I have already sold three of the six. I was going to buy ten but I got talked out of it.

My next great buy from a Frenchman was some amazing, huge, black, beautiful (some might say grotesque) spiders. He had an adult female on display and was selling spiderlings. I just had to have some. He gave me a very nice discount and I went away happy with my Macrothele gigas spiderlings. It wasn't until the next day that I Googled them and found out that they were the Giant Japanese Funnel Web Spider. I put them on my website and very quickly received an email from a customer telling me that they are very venomous. I'm not sure why he was reading my emails? But my hubby came into the living room and said that I might want to stamp on my prize spiderlings. I instantly said “I don't think so!”. I read the email and did some further Googling. These spiders are not covered by the Dangerous Wild Animals act (if they were I would have to donate them to a zoo or suitable establishment) but they are clearly not your run of the mill spider. I immediately put a warning on my site and I have now sold all but a couple to very experienced spider keepers.

I did get some less exciting but none the less sought after spiders and bugs. My bug house is 'almost' full to capacity. I was very pleased to get a number of medium sized Giant White Knee ( Accanthoscurria genticulata) spiders (even my hubby thinks these are pretty). I was disappointed that some of the spiders on my 'shopping list' were not available but being a glutton for punishment I have now received a price list of unusual spiders from a breeder in Europe and I will be putting in an order over the weekend. I am also hoping to get some more praying mantis species in next week.

I was going to say that I am now sending bugs to European countries but I have seriously run out of time so the details will have to wait until next week. I must go and get the bug house tidied up, I have several visitors calling today and there are boxes everywhere.

Have a good bank holiday weekend and think of me with a house full of teenagers tomorrow night (daughter's birthday party) - No this isn't an invite to one and all! I still have Luka, head of security, my Japanese Akita (temperament of a Japanese Funnel Web spider).


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