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Royal Mail Postal Strikes

Published: 17/07/2009 Comments 0

It seems no time since I wrote the last blog entry but it is a whole week. Everything is going well, no thanks to Royal Mail, I'm not sure what is happening about postal strikes. I keep hearing news of

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End Of School Term

Published: 10/07/2009 Comments 0

Another busy week, although not quite so many orders, it is coming towards the end of the school term. Generally at this time of the year I would be selling off as much live stock as possible before my

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Fun Feeding Spiders

Published: 03/07/2009 Comments 0

What a hot and sunny week we have had, it's been like the Mediterranean. I love the heat and so do the bugs, everything seems to be moving at double speed and breeding like crazy. My Giant Spiny stick

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Hot Air Balloon

Published: 26/06/2009 Comments 0

What a week of highs and lows, I am exhausted! I finally went up in a hot air balloon with my son but not on Sunday as planned. We arrived at the launch site, waited an hour and were then told it was

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Some Very Sad News

Published: 19/06/2009 Comments 0

First some very sad news, unfortunately my Blue Tit family in the camera nest box are no more. Two of the babies died, leaving three healthy babies but I soon realised from watching on my computer screen

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Survived Without IT Support

Published: 12/06/2009 Comments 0

Well I survived the week without my IT support (husband). Thankfully I didn't have any problems with the computer and he will be back tomorrow. It's been a very busy week. I had a lot of new spiders come

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Summer At Last

Published: 05/06/2009 Comments 0

Summer at last, June is here and all the flowers and animals are in their prime. My garden is full of pretty flowers (and not so pretty weeds) and the Blue Tit eggs in our camera nesting box have hatched

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Overflowing With Livestock

Published: 29/05/2009 Comments 0

A nice sunny day today, oh why couldn't it have been like this when we went to visit my mother in-law at the seaside on Wednesday. It poured the entire day and was very cold. It looks like the weather

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British Tarantula Annual Show

Published: 22/05/2009 Comments 0

I seem to have loads to say but no time to say it! I went to the British Tarantula annual show last weekend. It was very good as usual but I bought far too many new animals and consequently I am still

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Open Afternoons

Published: 15/05/2009 Comments 0

I put the details of my 'open afternoon' on the website a few days ago. I have had several people from far and wide say that they are coming so I decided to extend the hours. The time is now 1pm - 4pm

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