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I regularly post to my news blog when the number of readers hits a certain target and I get the time to do so :)  I have been writing my blog for many years now and some of my posts have been read over 3,000 times! Feel free to check back every now and again to see what's happening at

I'm back! The cruise was lovely, very relaxing.

Published: 13/11/2009 Comments 0

I'm back! The cruise was lovely, very relaxing. We sailed from Southampton to the Caribbean, we had 8 days at sea and six days visiting islands before we flew back from Barbados. It was a lovely competition

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One week until my prize winning cruise to the Caribbean

Published: 16/10/2009 Comments 0

One week until my prize winning cruise to the Caribbean. There will be no blog for a while, this time next week we will be on our way! Entering competitions is my hobby and I have won some amazing prizes

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Everything has changed forever.

Published: 09/10/2009 Comments 0

Everything has changed forever. I think you have still got a few more weeks of me being obsessed by the new website! Orders have actually doubled and it's changing how I view my work as well as the day

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What a week, the new website is amazing.

Published: 02/10/2009 Comments 0

What a week, the new website is amazing. I think my orders have quadrupled since the site went live. I am absolutely delighted. I know people joke about doing less work for more money but I really needed

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I have joined the 21st century!

Published: 25/09/2009 Comments 0

I have joined the 21st century! Wow, this is the biggest shake up of my business ever. When things have changed in the past it has always been a gradual progression. When I gave up making cages it was

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New web site is on it's way!

Published: 18/09/2009 Comments 0

New web site is on it's way! My poor hubby has spent every bit of his spare time adding products to the site this week. He had a day off work yesterday and spent most of the day adding a multitude of

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Busy Busy Busy

Published: 11/09/2009 Comments 0

Busy, busy, both work and home seem to have gone mad at the moment! My husband has started a new job and is working ten hour days, plus travelling time. My daughter has returned from her holiday in Cyprus

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Feeling Like Autumn

Published: 04/09/2009 Comments 0

September now and it's looking and feeling like Autumn. At least I've got my holiday to look forward to next month! I have a large number of tarantulas coming in from a breeder in Europe, hopefully today

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New Website On Its Way

Published: 28/08/2009 Comments 0

A busy week, catching up on everything. I haven't had anything new in this week but I have several new species of tarantula spiders coming in next week. I received my weekly delivery of crickets yesterday

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An Emotional Week

Published: 21/08/2009 Comments 0

Well what an emotional week, the bugs are all fine but everything else seems to have gone wrong. I have spent so much time sorting out family problems and pets that I am very behind with the bugs. I have

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