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Baby On The Way

Published: 10/10/2008 Comments 0

I'm rather tired this morning. My nephew's third child is due this weekend and last night his wife Karen, started having mild contractions so they shot off to hospital and I settled down on the sofa for

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Published: 03/10/2008 Comments 0

Where to start this week? The bugs are all fine but it's been a week of turmoil personally, I managed to get two speeding tickets in a ten minute period, going to the petrol station and then coming back

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It's Officially Autumn

Published: 26/09/2008 Comments 0

Well it is officially Autumn now so I suppose I can't complain about the cold, damp weather but I will anyway. I think I should have been born in a warmer country. I really feel the cold, probably because

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What A Week

Published: 19/09/2008 Comments 0

What a week, I have had new livestock arriving every day, including Saturday and Sunday. Who were all those people asking for Land Hermit crabs before my holiday? I got them in two weeks ago and haven

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My First Blog Post

Published: 18/05/2007 Comments 0

Hi everyone, I have never written a Blog but it seems like a good idea as lots of people email me and seem interested in what I do, of course if you aren't interested you don't need to read it! I intend

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