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Published: 23/10/2015 Comments 1

Technology! Oh my goodness, I think my brain is overflowing with all this online stuff. I am slowly getting there, I realised long ago that Facebook was a pretty important place to be in the 21st century but it has taken until this year to really embrace it. Although I moan a lot (in general really), I can't imagine life without technology now. I love my iPhone and iPad, I love my sat-nav and Google is like a best friend who I speak to every day! I am actually looking forward to my Apple Mac computer arriving next week (it should have been this week but nobody told me that the cost was over my card limit so it had to be reordered for next week).

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An unfortunate incident

Published: 15/10/2015 Comments 5

An unfortunate incident - I'm really not sure just how much I should reveal about what occurred last Friday but I can't write my weekly blog without mentioning it. I have always allowed visitors to call and by the very nature of my business some of these people have looked a little 'different'. I have no problem with tattoos, piercings and strange coloured hair, individuality is good as long as people are genuine. In my experience people who like animals are the sort of people I like! But I came a cropper last Friday and have been unable to just move on so I have now reported the incident to the police, I am telling my blog followers and then I shall try to forget it and get back to normal.

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All go!

Published: 09/10/2015 Comments 1

All go! What a busy week, sadly not with orders (moan, moan, I spent all that money on new stock, a new updated website and hardly an order in sight) but with housing up all the new stock, feeding, cleaning, sorting out the family (daughter returned from Lanzarote and is now in the New Forest, leaving me all her washing/ironing). We have decorators in the house (well one decorator, a friend of mine but the house stinks of paint). I have had customers popping in this week, which is always good. I think I need to stop talking about it and get on with sorting out the 'notes to visitors' on my website. Perhaps we will have a Halloween day where people can come in the evening and have a look at all my spiders and scorpions, out and about in the dark. Actually I bought a little ultraviolet torch from the recent exhibition, ideal for viewing the iridescent colours of scorpions. Many scorpions glow green, blue or purple when viewed by ultraviolet light (no, I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, it is still sitting on my desk). I have now added all the new bugs to the website. I am really hoping that some of the wild caught stock is pregnant. I think there is a good chance with some of the scorpions and true spiders. The Fishing spiders are beautiful, I wish I had got more of them.

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All Change!

Published: 01/10/2015 Comments 0

All Change! My goodness, everything is different, the new and improved website went live last Thursday. It was necessary so that viewing and ordering on a mobile phone or tablet became a great deal

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Sunny Cyprus was bliss

Published: 18/09/2015 Comments 0

My week in sunny Cyprus was bliss. I am actually writing this blog using my iPad, on the aeroplane because I know just how busy I am going to be when I get back home! Everything will need feeding and

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Thank heavens for the rain!

Published: 04/09/2015 Comments 0

Thank heavens for the rain! The bank holiday weekend was a complete washout in our area and I assume elsewhere, it would have been nice to see some sunshine but I'm not complaining as I think it was

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Friday again!

Published: 28/08/2015 Comments 0

Friday again! Not sure where this week has gone, it has flown by. I have obviously been busy (nothing new there!). I have been rearranging my heavy plastic boxes that sit on a large shelving unit. I

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Quick, quick blog

Published: 21/08/2015 Comments 0

Quick, quick blog - I am finally off to Legoland with my nephew's family, a trip we have put off on two previous Fridays due to pouring rain (Friday is always my 'out and about day' as there is no Special

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All go here this week

Published: 14/08/2015 Comments 0

All go here this week. I have had lots of new spiders come in (well I went to collect them, alas not from the tropics but from a fellow tarantula breeder). I haven't yet put them all on my website but

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August and peak holiday season

Published: 07/08/2015 Comments 0

August and peak holiday season but I have had a busy week with lots of orders so I'm not complaining (that makes a change). I spent a very pleasant couple of days up in London with hubby on Tuesday and

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