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Snug as a bug

Published: 15/01/2016 Comments 0

Snug as a bug, well at least my mini zoo is happy in it’s well insulated bug room. It is freezing (literally) outside now. I suppose it had to happen, I know it’s winter but I was thinking we could just coast along, enjoying the mild weather until the spring. I just hope we don’t have any more power cuts, evidently the recent one was due to a pheasant flying into an electricity cable. I have spent quite a bit of time in my warm bug room this week and everything is looking pretty good. I am trying hard to concentrate on what I’ve got and get everything sorted before I restock at the end of the month. I just seem to have so many animals and of course they all have their different needs. It would be so much easier if I just had one or two types of bugs, say spiders and scorpions or all stick insects or all millipedes but as you know I have a huge range. Oh well ‘variety is the spice of life’ as they say.

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Happy New Year!

Published: 08/01/2016 Comments 2

Happy New Year! This is my first blog of 2016, I do hope that everyone had a great Christmas and I for one am now looking forward to the spring (10 weeks and 2 days – but who’s counting). It has been a very mild winter so far but today we have frost and the temperature has dropped considerably, as you all know by now I hate the cold. The bugs are all doing well, I have been sorting things out in the bug room over the festive break. I had a very good breeding year in 2015, I did especially well with scorpions and now have several species as juveniles. I have cleaned out and set up new colonies of many of my cockroach species. I will be gradually restocking in January as orders start to increase once Christmas is over. Honestly, I might as well give up in November and December, sales are always terrible but I still have to care for and maintain my menagerie. I am having a rethink on what to do next winter, a long holiday sounds good but I can’t afford it!

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Nearly there, this time next week it will be Christmas day!

Published: 18/12/2015 Comments 0

Nearly there, this time next week it will be Christmas day! I would like to say a big thank you to all my customers for your support throughout the year. I do try my best and I think most people appreciate that. It has certainly been a difficult year sales wise and since injuring my back and eye at the end of last year it has highlighted to me that I need to cut down on the amount of creatures that I keep. With the best will in the world my family have no interest and therefore no idea how to care for my menagerie. I am rarely ill but if I were, there is simply no back up plan. I think 2016 will see some significant changes to the way I work. If you are a regular reader of my blog then you will know about my “Ginny’s Jungle” parties idea. I will be setting it up in the new year but it will take time to organise so I won’t be restocking on the scale that I usually do in January. I have no intention of giving up my online shop (I have just spent a fortune on the website upgrade and new computer), I just hope that the children’s parties will run along side my regular business and ease the pressure a little.

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Christmas Bah Humbug!

Published: 11/12/2015 Comments 0

Christmas Bah Humbug! The run up to Christmas is great for kids but damn hard work for adults (dare I say it? Especially women!). I did my second Ginny’s Jungle practice party on Wednesday and it went really well. I learnt a lot from the first party and put it into practice, and again at this party I tried a few different things to see what worked best. I still need to do a group party before I launch my new business for real (i.e. I start charging). My god-daughter informs me that she is moving up to Brownies in the New year so it will probably be the Brownies then.

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Getting there slowly!

Published: 04/12/2015 Comments 1

Getting there slowly! I seem to have been going backwards lately and everything had gone to pot but I have worked very hard this week and I am finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have another practice “Ginny’s Jungle” party next week and then I will have to leave most of the party planning until the New year. There is still so much to do, flyers, advertising, labelling and of course sourcing a couple of suitable reptile/amphibians to exhibit at the parties. I had hoped to do a practice group party (Brownies, scouts, etc.) before Christmas but I have run out of time.

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Christmas is coming

Published: 27/11/2015 Comments 2

Christmas is coming and sadly for my business that means a distinct lack of orders. Plenty of animals, plenty to do but not a lot of orders going out or money coming in. It’s always been this way, schools and universities close down, people are too busy for new pets and most people don’t have the money to spend on themselves just before Christmas but the New Year is sure to be busy so I am using this time to organise my new venture. I will be launching after the festive season but for now I have lots to do and it is all very exciting. I did my first trial “Ginny’s Jungle” party on Saturday (hence no blog last Friday). It went very well, some of you may have seen the photos on my Facebook page. The kids and adults seemed to really enjoy it but I am always ultra critical of myself and think a lot could be improved on, of course that is the idea of having practice parties. I think I’m going in the right direction and I’m getting lots of help. I have arranged a second practice party this morning and am already planning the improvements needed.

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No blog this week

Published: 20/11/2015 Comments 1

No blog this week. Sorry, I'm too busy organising my new business venture "Ginny's Jungle parties". My first practice party is tomorrow, fingers crossed it goes ok!

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Short blog this week

Published: 13/11/2015 Comments 1

Short blog this week, the alternative was no blog! I am very busy with all the changes taking place at the moment. It is Friday 13th which doesn't bode well with the fact that when my hubby gets in from work today he will be moving everything over to my new Apple Mac computer and then I will be spending the weekend learning to use the new system (wish me luck). Last weekend we picked up my new car (new to me car), it is a Skoda Yeti, lovely but again very different from my old car and I am also busy arranging everything in preparation for my new business venture in the New Year "Ginny's Jungle parties". I have my first practice party set up for next weekend.

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Never a dull moment!

Published: 06/11/2015 Comments 0

Never a dull moment! I am starting this blog on my iPhone as I am pushed for time and am taking my mother in-law for a hearing appointment. I'm really getting into all this technology, I have never before written my blog on the move. I started in the car waiting for her to come out and now we are sitting in the hearing centre.

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Halloween is almost here

Published: 30/10/2015 Comments 0

Halloween is almost here. It's so great, bugs, bats, rats, snakes and spiders in all the shops, restaurants, garden centres, kid's attractions, everywhere!. I know the aim is to scare everyone but I love it, I am obviously more than a bit weird as these are truly the animals I like best. I would happily take a lie detector test to prove this, I know I would pass with flying colours but please don't sign me up for the Jeremy Kyle show! We are having a big family party tomorrow and as I have my nephew's kids today (half term) we will be making a "feely box". I have some good ideas that but I can't tell you just in case I give the game away (in reality I think it is very unlikely that any members of my family will read this blog). We will be visiting Pets At Home for some of the items required!

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