• Chilobrachys fimbriatus - Indian Violet Tarantula

Common Name: Indian Violet Tarantula
Scientific Name: Chilobrachys fimbriatus

Status: Captive Bred

Country of origin - Goa
Habitat: Ground dwelling
Suitability:  Fast moving and defensive

My Opinion:
The Indian Violet is a fast and defensive tarantula. They like to spin a lot of webbing. A very pretty spider, I have heard their carapace described as a 'work of art' and the abdomen is a copper colour with black stripes. Not a spider for handling but one of my favourites!


It is difficult to give a size for the spiders as stock is constantly changing. Generally, the small size is a spiderling up to 1.5cm body length (small will be SMALL), juvenile is a grown on spiderling with a body length of about 1.5cm, medium 2cm to 4cm and a large is 4cm to fully adult (but a lot depends on the species!)

I am happy to send a photo of any medium or large size spider that you are interested in, just email me!

All spiders are unsexed unless stated.

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Chilobrachys fimbriatus - Indian Violet Tarantula

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