Sorry, brief blog this week

Sorry, brief blog this week

Published: 10/06/2016 Comments: 0

Sorry, brief blog this week. I simply don't have the time as we are off to a wedding today. I was planning on writing the blog yesterday but having my great-nieces after school and then my mother in-law for dinner really didn't leave any time. Next Friday I will be all alone, my hubby will be whizzing around Europe on his annual motorbike trip with his friends and our daughter will be at the 24 hour Le Mans car race in France. It will be considerably longer than 24 hours for her as it is the highlight of her year and she will be camping there with friends. What’s the term? Petrol-heads? Why can’t they just love cute animals like me? Our son is the same, he’s looking at new cars and thought he would bore me with the details this week. He did show me a photo of a purple one that briefly caught my attention.

I received my new little friends this week, that I mentioned last week. Some scorpions, spiders and millipedes. Among them a ‘new to me’ species of giant millipede from Madagascar. They are stunning with orange and yellow segments, they came to me with the name Madagascar Ringed millipede which doesn’t do them justice. I put a photo on Facebook a few days ago of the four species of millipedes that I now have from Madagascar and it reached over 1,500 people. I think that might be my second most popular post after the stunning Wolf spider that I came across in Cyprus, I think that had more than 2,500 views! I am making a big effort with Facebook and when my family have deserted me for boring car/motorbike events I intend to knuckle down and get my new Ginny’s Jungle website and Facebook page up and running. I realise that my bug party business will only have local appeal but I am grateful to everyone who commented on the Ginny’s Jungle logos on Facebook this week. With your help my logo is now chosen. That’s one job done but many more to go. I was interviewed for a local magazine on Tuesday. The lady was very nice, not really a fan of bugs but she wrote a nice piece and hopefully it will boost my bug business and perhaps result in some party bookings. I am running a bug event on Monday evening at our youth club (no money, I helped set it up so I can’t really charge the kids – sorry “young persons”).

Ok, I’m sure I could go on and on but it will have to wait for next week as I need to get ready for the wedding and set off. Sadly, yesterday I discovered that “Pudding” my huge, pregnant, Shiny Burrowing scorpion was dead (you may remember she was housed in our dining room before I went to Cyprus). I have no idea why? There is still so much to learn about scorpion breeding, I haven’t disc


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