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  • Arizona Devil Scorpion (Vaejovis spinigerus)  Very small (scorpling) x 3

Common Name: Arizona Devil Scorpion
Scientific Name: Vaejovis spinigerus

Size: Very small (scorpling) x 3
Status: Captive Born (June 2024)

Food: Newly hatched crickets, fruit flies, other tiny bugs

A pretty and very active, yellow coloured desert scorpion from Arizona.

How I keep mine

I keep my juvenile Arizona Devil Scorpions in small plastic tubs (5.5oz pot / 6cm tall, lid diameter 7cm, base diameter 5cm – as sold on the equipment page). I put a little silver sand on the base and a small piece of bark or plastic plant to hide under. I make a couple of tiny holes in the lid and spray with tepid water once a week. These scorpions need to be dry so I only give a light misting. I feed them once a week on either micro crickets or bean weevils, they seem happy to take both and feed well. I keep them in individual pots as they are very active and I would assume cannibalistic even at this small size. They will not eat when approaching a moult, they look considerably fatter when coming up for a moult. They are easy to keep and are growing well (if not very slowly). I keep them in my warm bug room but not directly on a heat mat as they may dry out too much.

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Arizona Devil Scorpion (Vaejovis spinigerus) Very small (scorpling) x 3

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