What A Week

Published: 19/09/2008 Comments: 0

What a week, I have had new livestock arriving every day, including Saturday and Sunday. Who were all those people asking for Land Hermit crabs before my holiday? I got them in two weeks ago and haven't sold a single one - typical! I now have juvenile Pink Footed Goliath Birdeaters and they are amazing. These spiders are very furry and pretty, they will grow huge and are already taking adult crickets.

Last Friday, after I had written my blog, everything went wrong! Technology is great when it works but without it my business is scuppered. Firstly my mobile phone stopped working, I think the phone itself was working but the screen disappeared so I couldn't use it. I now have the sim card in my old phone and I will have to live with it until November when my contract runs out. Next and far more of a problem was that my emails stopped working on Friday afternoon. Thankfully my website was not affected and all our personal email addresses were working. The only casualty was my business email address. I could not believe that although I pay a lot of money for my business email and website, they have no help line over the weekend! When I finally got through to them, the problem was sorted on Monday morning but I had lost an entire weekend of emails. I had hoped that the emails would appear at sometime but they didn't.

My husband has started to re-roof my office, I'm sitting here freezing. I have emptied the office of anything nonessential and I quite like this minimalist look. It will be great to get it decorated and not have buckets everywhere to catch the drips when it rains. Goodness knows when that will be but we are planning to have it finished before Christmas! The minimalist look won't last long once it is decorated, I love all my bits and pieces, I couldn't function without them. I am hoping to have a big storage cupboard to keep my business equipment in (the non bug things that I sell).

The bug house is looking full to capacity at the moment with all the new stock, plus breeding is going is well. I had an egg sac hatch this week of the Trinidad Chevron. These spiders are absolutely beautiful and not that common in the pet trade these days. They were once a very common species (in the olden days). I was pleased to see the babies as it meant 'dad' didn't die in vain. I know the general public think that all female spiders eat the male after mating but this generally isn't the case. Most male spiders live to mate another day so I was most upset when he did get eaten. The male was especially pretty with beautiful long, furry legs.

Now to tackle the pile of paper work on my desk! It has been mounting up all week and I just haven't had the time to sort it out. I also have a number of phone calls to make and after lunch I must feed all the little spiders, I fed the large ones yesterday. It is a long and arduous job, some of the tree dwellers / baboon spiders like to jump out of their containers and run around the bug house, all the spiders are different sizes so I need to check each one and give it the appropriately sized crickets/cockroaches/maggots etc.


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