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Where to start this week? The bugs are all fine but it's been a week of turmoil personally, I managed to get two speeding tickets in a ten minute period, going to the petrol station and then coming back, certainly the most expensive petrol I've ever bought. Yes, I may have been going too fast (35 & 37 - allegedly) but I have never had a speeding ticket before and one would have had the desired effect of slowing me down, two is just victimisation! Ok, enough said it hasn't exactly enhanced my week. The smoke alarm went off in the middle of the night a couple of days ago. I got up to investigate, no smoke anywhere and then I couldn't get back to sleep. Last moan - my daughter lost her mobile phone last night, it was nowhere to be seen and the battery was flat so we couldn't ring it. It was the end of the world for a sixteen year old! Thank goodness it had a happy ending, a girl had picked it up off the floor of the college coach and handed it to her this morning. (ok, one last quick moan, I have got a cold starting)

Everything in the bug house is going well, all ticking along nicely. My pretty Indonesian Chocolate spider is still guarding her egg sac, I thought it looked quite dark yesterday, I think there will be the patter of many, many tiny feet very soon, if not today. She's been a great mum, rolling her egg sac up and down her tunnelled web and keeping it clean and aired, she always quickly carries it away whenever I open her box. I have some huge pregnant Imperial scorpions, hopefully at least one of them will give birth soon. I am 'thinking' about breeding a few reptiles, perhaps next year. When my office is finally decorated (still hoping before Christmas) I would like to have some vivariums along one wall. I already have two pet Corn snakes and three Crested geckos, they are housed in the bug house at the moment but I would like to move them indoors. I am thinking of getting some Rough Green snakes next week. I have heard that they are quite difficult to keep but they are small and feed on bugs so they sound good to me. Breeding reptiles is only a thought at the moment. A new reptile outlet has opened near me this week. It is housed in the fish department of the Flowerland Garden centre in Bourne End, it's run by Maidenhead Aquatics and looks really nice. It was very busy when I popped down there yesterday.

Business has been quite slow this week, hopefully it isn't due to the credit crunch. It has certainly got colder all of a sudden, I will need to start putting heat packs in my parcels soon. The heat packs that I use are brilliant, I don't know how I ever managed without them, once activated they just stay warm for 24 hours, perfect for sending out bugs. Because business has been slow I've had a bit of time to sort things out and I have been looking at a few nice emails from customers. It is lovely to get letters of appreciation so here are some extracts:

Today I was delighted to find my beautiful new arrivals came, not only that, but that they came in pristine condition. It is obvious to me that these Tarantulas have been cared for extremely well. I look forward to ordering from you again. (Steve / Ireland)

Arrived safely - thanks. They are very pretty! (Fiona)

Just to let you know they have arrived safe and well, the card and gift voucher was a lovely surprise and I really am most over the moon with such a nice thought from your good self. makes turning 37 !! a little less troubling !!!

You really do care for your animals and regard them as such and not just a get rich quick scheme, if only more dealers took your hands on approach and as much pride in what they did as you most certainly do . (Robin / Yorkshire)

All the cockroaches arrived safely yesterday as promised. I have to say I am impressed with the size and health of them all - not a damaged feeler between all 5 batches. Much prettier and more interesting than your site gives them credit for. Another fantastic delivery, thanks once again for exceeding my expectations, -D

Just a note to say Chile Rose arrived safely this morning. She's a beauty. (John)

Well, I think that's about it for this week, I'm freezing in my almost empty office (hubby will be working on replacing the roof again this weekend!). I'm off to make a cup of tea and then I really must go and look for my fan heater. I had an email yesterday from the BBC asking if I would like to take part in Children In Need, looks interesting, I will give them a call when I warm up.


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