Spent A Fotune On Bugs

Published: 24/10/2008 Comments: 0

I went to a large bug exhibition last weekend and spent a fortune on new stock so most of this week I have been sorting it out. I still have boxes on top of boxes but everything is housed and fed. I just need to sell some of it now! I bought lots of young captive bred animals, vinegaroons, wolf spiders, stick insects, grasshoppers , tarantulas etc. It has been a pretty busy week sales wise too, which I'm very pleased about as the recession is certainly hitting 'non-essential' businesses like mine. I spoke to a number of dealers at the exhibition, all of them said that sales are down and some of them were really worried that they may not be able to continue. It seemed to be the reptile dealers that were most concerned. Reptiles are worth a lot more money than bugs but their upkeep is far more expensive. I was also talking to staff at our local garden centre and they were saying that sales were down and staff were worried about their jobs. I am going to a reptile show this weekend, I'm not sure what to expect as I haven't been before but it should be fun and it is close to my brother's house so will be visiting family too. Let's not mention snakes, no I haven't sold any but I really need to, I cannot keep them all! I have put some photos on the site and hopefully I will get some interest soon - they are stunning colours and very friendly.

I'm not sure if I will be going on Celebrity Sissorhands this week. It all seems to be getting a bit too complicated and I have raised so little sponsorship for Children in Need that it won't be difficult to give it back. I suppose the 'giveaway' is in the title but I don't want my hair cut or Georgie's hair cut and although it started off as having nails or makeup done I keep being offered haircuts now. Would you want an untrained 'celebrity' to cut your hair? I rest my case.

Update on my office roof - I nearly caved in and put everything back in my office until the spring this week (buckets to catch rain as well) but it looks like the family have taken pity on me and next weekend has been set aside to re-roof my office. My husband, son and nephew think they can do it in a weekend,(here's hoping) I really hope it doesn't rain. I don't know if we can get my office decorated before Christmas but we will certainly try, at the moment everything from my office is dotted about the house and it's a nightmare to find anything. I think I was a bit previous ordering a new cage for my geckos, it arrived this week and it's huge. I have nowhere to put it until the office is sorted. It certainly wouldn't fit on my shelves in the bug house, I think it would pull them all down. That will teach me for choosing the cage online, I am lousy at maths, if it had been in inches rather than centimetres I might have understood the sizing a bit better. The geckos (3 Crested) won't know what to do with themselves when I put them in their new home.

Well, I had better get out there, jobs to do and I have a couple of people visiting today so I need to clear up a bit (quite a bit). I wish I had leant short hand at school, I write notes continually when I'm in the bug house. They are generally so scribbled that it is hard to read them when I get back inside. It is a pain that the computer is in my office, in the house and the bug house is at the end of the garden. I am continually running in and out to check things but it isn't possible to combine the two as the heat and humidity would not be good for office equipment.


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