So much to do, so little time to do it :)

Published: 26/08/2022 Comments: 0

Again, this blog is very overdue but I have plans! I have had to concede that Ginny’s Jungle is dead and buried and I need to concentrate on my postal business, which is very much alive! (despite the effects of Covid and leaving the EU). I aim to streamline my business because I absolutely have to make more time and get a better home/work balance. We had a lovely, relaxing holiday to Cyprus in July and it gave me time to stop and think. Our daughter had a nightmare looking after everything, she did a great job but the hot weather was a real challenge in the bug room and it wasn’t fair to her.


I keep such a varied collection of bugs but some are far easier to care for than other and let’s be honest, some sell much better than others. I’ve said it before but this time I’m serious, if I want to go away (and I do!) then I need to be keeping animals that can look after themselves for a week. Stick insects, grasshoppers, praying mantis and such like are real favourites of mine but they take far too much time and are less popular than they once were. So – from now on I will be focusing on tarantulas, scorpions, millipedes, cockroaches and other creatures that need weekly, rather than daily care.


I think my bugs have really enjoyed all this hot weather because I have had great success with breeding many of them. I have a large number of arachnids now and I am constantly buying in the more sought-after species of tarantulas. I am not always the cheapest but I certainly find that most people, when choosing a long-term pet like a tarantula, would put quality before price. I spend a great deal of time in my bug room and I take care of everything to the best of my ability.


Unfortunately, my social media skills are sadly lacking (as is my interest if I’m totally honest). I know it is important but I really don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to Facebook and Instagram. I was actually shamed by Siri recently, I had my airpods in and an Instagram notification came through, it was along the lines of “you have lots of people following you but you don’t follow any of them back”. Siri said it in a really sorrowful voice and made me feel quite guilty! Perhaps, one day somebody will help me but for now I can only apologise and if you want me to follow you then you will have to explain it to me.


I could do without these postal strikes. Everyone has been really nice but with the bank holiday as well next week, it looks like I will only be able to post orders on Thursday. I couldn’t post orders yesterday because of the strike today. I just hope the two sides can come to an agreement and call off the strikes asap.


Lastly, I would really like to encourage visitors, it would be fun to have open afternoons again and perhaps the odd arachnid evening. It is great to see them come to life and leave their burrows after dark. If you might be interested then let me know.


So that’s all my news (well probably not but I need to move on to spider feeding). I will try to do better and not leave it too long to write my blog next time.


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