Short blog or no blog?

Short blog or no blog?

Published: 15/02/2019 Comments: 1

Short blog or no blog? That is the question, hopefully the answer is that a short blog is better than no blog at all!

I have lots on with both the postal business and Ginny’s Jungle, thankfully they are going well and working in unison as I hoped would happen one day. It seems ‘one day’ has finally arrived. I have been trying to get my local events off the ground for a couple of years but it wasn’t until this year that I decided I had to make time to promote it. If I wasn’t going to do it, then nobody else was. Each Wednesday is now “Ginny’s Jungle Day”. This week I went on the local radio (you may have seen on Facebook). It was great fun, everyone was lovely, I didn’t realise that it was going to be filmed for YouTube (good job I put some makeup on and brushed my hair). I also wore some of my ‘bug’ birthday gifts for luck! I still haven’t listened to it but I will and I’m back on a different show next Thursday evening. My hubby listened and said I was great (could he be a little biased?). The bugs that I took were very well behaved and I'm pleased to say that the Hissing cockroaches lived up to their name.

I also applied to be a speaker for the Women’s Institute, fingers crossed that I get to the interview stage and beyond!

In my other guise as Virginia Cheeseman I have been concentrating on arachnids, especially tarantulas and that too is working well. I brought in a lot of new species in January, many have been sold but others I will keep for breeding. I have mated several of my spiders recently, Indian Ornamental (Poecilotheria regalis), Zebra (Aphonopelma seemanii), Cambodia Blue (Chilobrachys species), Thai Red (Chilobrachys huahini), Horned Baboon (Ceratogyrus darlingi). Hopefully I will see some egg sacs laid in the spring and hear the patter of many tiny feet in the summer. I do of course still have my multitude of other little creatures and many of those are already breeding nicely. I do need to cut down but it is so difficult to know what should go. I can only really go by my current sales.

Things are a changing! Unfortunately, the next time consuming, item to look at on my agenda will be this blog. I know it is well read but it takes an awful lot of time and effort. I’m thinking once a month? Perhaps the first day of each month? Please do let me know what you think, an email or phone call would be appreciated. I am trying harder with Facebook and it is clear that this pays dividends and reaches a wide target. Not so much the Ginny’s Jungle Facebook page but it is growing slowly and there are plenty of events coming up. Next week is a busy half term. I will be posting orders on Monday and Thursday as I will be out visiting a care home on my regular Tuesday posting day. I am also really pleased to say that I am getting more visitors than ever, people popping in to collect their orders. Friday seems to be turning into “Visit Virginia day”, it has a ring to it! I have two people calling in today.

Happy weekend everyone, we have thick ice here this morning, I thought it was supposed to be getting warmer!

This week’s photo – one of my Facebook Valentine pictures (A beautiful pair of Jungle Nymph stick insects)


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