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Panic! It’s that pre-holiday time when I think “why am I going, is it worth it”? Obviously, I know it will be great in Costa Rica but the next couple of days will be crazy. I’m always organised so today is packing and Saturday/Sunday is feeding, cleaning and sorting out the animals. It has been a busy week, I was extremely pleased to receive a flurry of orders. I don’t know why but the previous couple of weeks were really quiet for orders. Perhaps it was just everything settling down after the school holidays. I certainly feel we are going away at the right time, the weather seems to have changed dramatically towards the end of this week. We had our first frost yesterday and it is pretty chilly in my office this morning (mind you I am up so early that the heating hasn’t come on yet). Although we are well into October now I have been in a quandary as to whether I should use heat packs in my orders or not. Yesterday was a no brainer but before that I was worried about over-heating the bugs in their boxes as the weather had been slightly chilly at night but warm and sunny most of the day. Oh well, it won’t be a dilemma once I get back as it is sure to be cold! I’m sad to be missing Halloween, it is a great time for showing off my bugs but I’m not sorry to miss Bonfire night. I really hate fireworks, horrible scary things - I know that most people think snakes and spiders are horrible scary things J

Yesterday was a crazy day with so many orders to pack and post but I got it all done, then I had a customer call to collect his order and off I went to the post office, Pets at Home for ‘food’ (crickets & mice), Tesco for food (stock up for the family while I’m away, definitely not crickets & mice). I tried to get some Costa Rican money from Tesco but surprisingly enough they don’t stock Colones, however US dollars are the next best thing (ok, I wasn’t so organised here).

When I get back I’m determined to spend more time on the Ginny’s Jungle side of my business and cut down on my bugs until January when I will completely re-stock as usual. That’s not to say that I won’t have anything new but I must slow down and get myself sorted out. It has become a crazy situation that I find myself in, I am sole carer for the animals, I do the cleaning, buying and selling, plus answering all the enquiries, email Facebook, telephone, text, WhatsApp etc. People are always telling me that I need help but there lies the problem! I am working harder and harder for less and less money, I simply cannot afford help. I need to adapt my business or I won’t be able to carry on, fingers crossed that I can get the parties/events up and running alongside the postal business (I am certainly trying!). I just don’t have spare time for anything, it is driving my poor family crazy and I also have people who rely on me for help (as I’ve said before, not something I can discuss in my blog). 

Anyway, onto happier things, we will be staying at the Riu Guanacaste hotel in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica and I will be taking lots of photos of any bugs, spiders, snakes and larger animals that we might encounter. I won’t of course be bringing anything live back with me! I hear that people get six years in prison for killing a wild animal, I think I might be executed for smuggling animals out (ok that might be a slight exaggeration). We are revisiting Costa Rica as it was just so amazing last year, the ethos of the whole country is conservation and I love it. It clearly won’t be the same as our trip of a lifetime last year, our super son and partner won’t be with us and they won’t be paying for it either J. Yes, it is the rainy season (got an email yesterday with last minute instructions, one of them being ‘don’t forget your umbrella’), the hotel will be full of screaming kids (as stated in various reviews and it is half term!), it’s in the middle of nowhere BUT it is Costa Rica, the happiest country on the Earth, full of animals, friendly people, away from the stresses and strains of life J

I just need to survive these next few manic days and it will no doubt be wonderful! Pura Vida as they say in Costa Rica.

This week’s photo, ‘Barney helping out’ – I’m going to miss him (how could I ever have said that a Bearded Dragon was boring? Every home should have one!


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