New web site is on it's way!

Published: 18/09/2009 Comments: 0

New web site is on it's way! My poor hubby has spent every bit of his spare time adding products to the site this week. He had a day off work yesterday and spent most of the day adding a multitude of spiders, it's a laborious job but it is certainly coming along. I have tried to help but I'm just so busy with all the animals at the moment, work has gone mad. I was thinking the other day 'where have all the bug sellers gone?' There seem to be very few people still going other than me! I'm struggling along though, lots of work for little pay (hey, I wouldn't be me if I wasn't moaning).

It is only a few short weeks until our two week cruise so I am getting everything prepared as much as I can. I have lots of special offers running (hubby took one look at the offers page yesterday and groaned at the prospect of adding it all to my new site). There are bargains to be had but I must also say that lots of animals are selling out and won't be replaced until I return in November. Several spiders and scorpions have completely sold out this last week. I still have plenty of praying mantids and I have the pretty, Indonesian mantids in all stages, eggs, nymphs and both male / female adults. The Taiwan Flower mantids are now mature, I put the first pairs together yesterday. There was no sign of mating but no aggression either so I have left them together over night. Hopefully the males will live to tell the tale but I must admit that I do have far more males than females. As with a lot of species the males are much smaller than the females, both sexes have lovely green wings as adults. I really need to put a new photo on my web site but they will probably be sold before I get time! I have set up some female tarantulas in large boxes in preparation for introducing the males this week. There are plenty of hiding places just in case the male needs to retreat in a hurry. I don't mind sticking my hand in with the mantids but I draw the line at agitated tarantulas.

No luck on tracking down any film pots but one kind customer did send some to keep me going for a bit. I will have another search this afternoon as I am off into town to get some contact lenses fitted. I did try a couple of weeks ago but they gave me one reading, and one distance lens. Evidently most people's brains will adapt and cope this way but of course mine didn't. I tried them for a week but found I had to shut one eye to see anything, otherwise everything was blurred. This wasn't good when packing spiders and scorpions, I nearly came a cropper on more than one occasion. Today I am being fitted with varifocal lenses so I will report back next week.

It looks like tomorrow's open afternoon will be very busy. Lots of people have let me know that they are coming. I am thinking of increasing my open afternoons and perhaps having the occasional Sunday (quite a few people have said that they can't make it on Saturdays due to work).

Very pleased to report that Special Delivery seems to be working fine. None of my parcels have been delayed.

Well I had better get on, lots of paperwork to sort this morning, bills to pay and bugs to feed.


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