I have joined the 21st century!

Published: 25/09/2009 Comments: 0

I have joined the 21st century! Wow, this is the biggest shake up of my business ever. When things have changed in the past it has always been a gradual progression. When I gave up making cages it was because of a decline in profit, when I cut down on stick insects it was due to lack of sales, when I stopped visiting schools it was that I had less and less time for them but this was an explosion! My new site went live yesterday and my work changed instantly. Don't get me wrong it's brilliant but it will certainly take some time to get used to, everything is different and orders suddenly started flooding in. I think the site is great and judging by all the emails that I have received - so do you. I'm sure there will be initial hiccups and I really do appreciate those people who have pointed out mistakes, such as a couple of the spider photos being wrong yesterday. Please keep letting me know if something it not right, the site is so easy to manage that I can rectify things straight away. I should have done this years ago but as I've said before, I really don't like change and I'm not good with technology either.

Before the big change things were going along quite normally this week. I put some more of my adult tarantulas together and the males have survived, fingers crossed for the patter of many tiny feet in due course. I feared the worst when I left the Golden Starburst baboon spiders together, I couldn't see the male wandering around later but then when I lifted a coconut shell both spiders were huddled up together. I couldn't believe it, they are amazingly aggressive spiders and this particular female always rears up at me in a threatening manner.

All my baby geckos have now sold, I kept back one that I especially liked and I was really hoping it would be female and therefore able to go into the vivarium with my adults. I'm so pleased that she is indeed female and seems happy with the others. If the baby had been male I could not have kept it as only one male can be housed in a cage or they will fight.

I saw my first Small Tortoiseshell butterfly for about two years this week. It was fluttering around the front garden for several days. I do hope they can make a come back, they used to be everywhere but now (certainly in my region) they are very rare indeed.

Oh well better get back to sorting out all those orders. What is absolutely fascinating but also rather sad is that almost all of the orders since my site went live have been arachnids. I mentioned in my blog recently that my business seems to be moving in the direction of spiders and scorpions. I spend a great deal of time caring for my multitude of mantids, stick insects, snails, beetles etc but if they don't sell I will need to move with the times as ever. I absolutely adore praying mantids but I cannot keep them all as pets.

Thanks for your support and words of appreciation.


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