Feeling guilty but just too busy

Feeling guilty but just too busy

Published: 20/04/2018 Comments: 0

Feeling guilty but just too busy to write my blog this week. With so much work to do on my website, I just can't justify the time it takes me to sit and write the blog. That doesn't mean I am lounging in the garden, out in the sunshine (I wish). I have set aside today to knuckle down and catch up on paperwork. I've spent a lot of time getting all my new animals housed and fed over the last couple of weeks and now I need to tackle the pile of paperwork that has yet again piled up on my desk. I really have to look at all the GDPR information that I have and 'try' and work out how it relates to me and what I need to do. It is something to do with privacy and storing data and I could be sued if I don't do it, is all I know at the moment! It's great to see sunshine this week (even if it is only through my office window). The bramble is once again growing and I haven't had to use any heat packs in my parcels for the last few days. Anyway, as I said I haven't got time for this :)

Sorry, no blog next week either as we are going away to Dorset for a long weekend to hopefully see Adders coming out of hibernation as we did last year (great fun). I just hope this weather lasts, fingers crossed. Then I will indeed be out in the sunshine enjoying myself (the hotel break was my birthday present from my favourite son and partner).


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