Damn forgot the blog!

Damn forgot the blog!

Published: 23/11/2018 Comments: 1

I’m now trying to write something quickly as I’m also cooking dinner and I’m trying to be sociable as my mother in-law has just arrived. I would usually write the blog in the morning but I have about a million jobs on my to-do list (perhaps a slight exaggeration) and I need to get as many as I can done tomorrow before the weekend. I am ‘once again’ trying not to spend the whole weekend working as it really annoys my family but it is a problem when you work from home. I am still trying to get straight from being away for two weeks. So, I’m sitting here on the sofa between my mother in-law and husband, tapping away on my iPad and hoping nobody notices J

No, I didn’t get away with it and it’s now Friday morning J This time next week I will be having my first spider evening. I know I said no rules but I’m getting a bit worried now as the post that I put on a Facebook reached over 1,000 people I reckon my bug room could accommodate about ten people at a push! That said I still may end up as Billy no mates, so far one person has told me that he will probably come along. Therefore I’m putting out a little plea, if you are thinking about coming, please let me know, it would be appreciated because I just don’t have a clue!

I will be completely restocking in January as usual but I am still trying to get some more tarantulas before Christmas. Spider sales are going very well since I returned from my holiday and also Hissing cockroaches and Bumblebee millipedes. I’m really taking note of my sales now as I intend to run a more streamline service in 2019. There is no point in me spending hours looking after animals that people clearly don’t want. I have a large range of millipedes but it is the cheaper, captive bred ones that sell best, along with the ever-popular Giant Train millipedes. Some of my wild caught stock are stunning but they rarely sell. Is it because they are wild caught or is it the higher price? It is so hard to tell. I really like cockroaches but I think I have too many species. I’m thinking tarantulas and home-grown bugs are my best bet next year, most of my tarantulas are captive bred now, very few are wild caught.

Have you been watching I’m a celebrity get me out of here? I love it but haven’t watched every episode, I Sky Plus it and then fast forward to the good bits. The Viper Pit was super, that poor girl Emily was terrified and Holly Willoughby was hilarious, she was almost in there too (I think Ant might have lost a job). I would love to have been in there with so many amazing snakes and then there was the trial with frogs and toads, yep, that would be fine too but there is no way I could cope with the heights, the water and I’m very fussy with what I eat. No way on earth would I eat any of the disgusting things that they serve up to those poor “celebrities”, I had never seen or heard of about half of them! I launched my Ginny’s Jungle “I’m not a celebrity but get me out of here” parties this week. I have bush tucker trials, scary games and even some real live bugs to eat (well they were alive but now they are dried). They are not my bugs I must add, I certainly don’t want to poison anyone. Did you see in the papers that Sainsbury’s are about to start selling packets of Thai grasshoppers? Sadly, my local Sainsbury’s didn’t have any yet but I’m told they will be with the peanuts when they arrive. Think I might stick with eating the peanuts J

Well onwards and upwards, jobs to do, items to tick off of my list. Wish me luck for next Friday! Sorry, I had planned to tell you all about our jungle hike in Costa Rica, complete with machetes but I think that’s now a story for next week.

This week’s photo: One of my beautiful spiders of course, this one is a Socotra Island Blue (Monocentropus balfouri) but I have many more beautiful spiders and I may be able to reduce the price on some, there is no harm in asking. All the spiders that I have are on my website so do take a look before popping along J


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