Bye bye blog!

Bye bye blog!

Published: 30/11/2019 Comments: 4

Bye bye blog! After 12 years of writing my regular blog I have finally decided to stop and the last month of the year seems like the right time. I think Facebook has taken over, it is seen by more people and takes far less time than the blog, it is also a lot less personal. I started writing my blog in 2007.  It was more or less weekly until earlier this year when I switched to monthly. Over the years I have asked people what they thought of the blog and how often I should write it. I have always received super supportive feedback and the reply “every week” but it takes too much time and energy and has never been truly compatible with my website. I don’t fully understand the workings of my site, my web guy “Super Simon’ has always done his best. The blog is an ‘add on’ and doesn’t support word (I only know how to use word) so every time I come to upload the blog something is missing or part of the text is scrambled or a different font appears or several other problems occur. It also doesn’t support emojis. I love emojis and find it very difficult to write anything these days without using them (text, email, Facebook, I even draw my own on written notes and cards). They convey an emotion so well and so easily. If you look at my Facebook page you will see how much I love them! Facebook is fun, the blog has become a chore. I am sad for the people who are not on Facebook and enjoy reading my blog but you can always call me for a chat!

At the beginning of the year I said that I needed to get a better home/work-life balance and I have spent the year working towards that goal. I’m certainly not there yet but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I could not keep going the way I was, it is still a work in progress but after all these years I cannot, and don’t want to spend so many hours isolated in my bug room. I have cut out a lot of bugs that I had kept for many years, it was very hard but honestly, what is the point of breeding bugs that I just can’t sell? I end up working harder and harder to maintain them all and make less and less money. It was making no sense so I had to reduce the number of bugs that I really like but they take too long to look after.

I am now concentrating on arachnids and the animals that I keep for my Ginny’s Jungle events. It was sad to let almost all of my stick insects go but they were such a problem to leave, even for a short time. My bug room is very warm and things dry up quickly. My daughter is the only back up that I have and she has a full-time job and is also studying to be a counsellor. It isn’t fair to leave her looking after my multitude of creatures, I know only too well how much responsibility is involved and the worry and stress that causes.

I am now a grandmother and relish this new position in life. I have elderly, disabled relatives who need my care and companionship and honestly, I spend every day run off my feet. I always do my best but I am pretty rubbish at prioritising and try to do everything. I still have over five years until I get any pension and I’m really hoping to keep the online shop going but to a far lesser degree and run it alongside my Ginny’s Jungle events (I don’t really see me ever retiring anyway). I have so many ideas for Ginny’s Jungle but so little time to implement them. I feel 2020 is going to be a good year, as I get older, I realise more and more that life is short and we should do things now! I want to go back to Costa Rica and to do that I need to simplify my life.

I really enjoy my local work, I have been asked to take some of the bugs along to our village Christmas lights switch on, I did a birthday party last weekend and have another next weekend. Of course, I am now an official Women’s Institute speaker (having recently passed the audition) and plan to get more involved with adult groups in 2020.

Unbelievably my long-awaited nose operation has yet again been postponed, I didn’t even bother to ask why this time. My new date is mid-January so fingers crossed that it goes ahead. I’m hoping I will only need a few days off but I could do without the uncertainty. If it wasn’t something that I needed doing I would just give up. Talking of time off, it is actually getting close to my last posting date before Christmas. I plan to post up until Wednesday 18th December (if the weather holds up). I am thinking of having a collection day before Christmas, perhaps Saturday 21st? If I do I will put the details on Facebook and the website.

Merry Christmas everyone and a very Happy New Year. Thank you as always for your custom and support throughout 2019 and I hope 2020 is a great year for us all.

Photo: Bob and the bugs!  


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