Busy, busy, the sun is shining and it’s a bright new year

Busy, busy, the sun is shining and it’s a bright new year

Published: 17/01/2019 Comments: 0

Busy, busy, the sun is shining and it’s a bright new year. I have high hopes for 2019, my New Year’s resolution is in full swing. I decided that Wednesday is Ginny’s Jungle day, I cannot really expect to make a go of my local events business if I don’t put the effort into it, by effort, I mean time and money :). This Wednesday I got to grips with lots of things that I have been putting off for ages, arranging advertising, writing letters to send out to schools. I mean ‘writing’ on the computer, not by hand, imagine how long that would take! However, I intend to print the letters and put them in the post, enclosing a Ginny’s Jungle leaflet. I think it is much more likely to be noticed and hopefully read than just sending an email.


It's been a mega busy ‘Spider Week’ thanks to the power of Facebook. You may have noticed on the website (pink info box) that I am once again running my popular “Make me an offer on a spider” promotion. It took a few days to get going but the last couple of days have seen many offers, some accepted and reduced in full on the site and some reduced but not to the full amount that was asked for. I have reduced each spider that has had an offer made on it but only for 24 hours and then the price automatically returns to the regular amount. I put a post on Facebook to try and clear some of my gorgeous Haitian Brown babies, I say babies but they are now several months old and it has become a real chore to feed them all each week. I have been very pleased by the response I received, I have sold just about all my surplus and have a much more manageable number to re-house into larger boxes. I was dreading re-housing them all and trying to find the space for them. I never have enough space for everything, if my bug room were four times the size I think that would be just about perfect. I wouldn’t be able to afford to heat it but it would be the perfect size :)


One of my better ideas was to inform people of the day that I will be sending their order. It works really well as it gives people the chance to change the day if necessary. It does of course mean that I don’t post orders on the day I receive them, unless it has been arranged in advance. I generally post on a Monday and Thursday, these days are pretty much set now unless something comes up and I cannot post on one of those days. To be honest I don’t receive enough orders to warrant posting on a third day and if I were to post on three days a week I’m not sure how I would fit the rest of my work in.


I’m glad I have managed to clear some of my tarantulas as I have a large number coming in at the end of the month, lots of new and colourful species I hope. Mind you I did take in some spiders this week from a lovely guy who sadly could no longer keep them. One is a Mexican Red Knee which he thinks is a sub-adult male. I think he’s right and I will be happy with that as my pet Red Knees are both adult females! Another is an adult female Chile Rose, very useful for my Ginny’s Jungle events and lastly a Brachypelma spider that looks like a Curly Hair but has striking red hairs on the abdomen. I am most confused, is it a hybrid I wonder? I will put a photo on here and perhaps someone will know.

Must get a move on now, I am writing this on Thursday evening as I will be too busy in the morning but my poor husband has come in from walking Teddi and I was supposed to be making dinner but I didn’t get very far, oops. He’s been very patient but I must admit I’m pretty hungry too, my tummy is rumbling so I’m off! Hope everyone has a nice weekend, I’m not keen on this cold snap, I might hibernate indoors this weekend.



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