Back by popular demand

Back by popular demand

Published: 16/06/2017 Comments: 1

Back by popular demand. I have had some really nice emails pointing out that people understand but really miss my weekly blog or weekly whinge as I call it! Anyhow I have decided to keep going but at a slower pace. I aim to write a monthly blog (monthly moan perhaps?J) I'm also thinking of putting it on my Facebook page and then it could be more interactive. I had an email this week from one of my customers suggesting that I might like to have 'guest bloggers'. I'm not sure I totally understand so feel free to tell me if I have got completely the wrong end of the stick. If anyone wants to write their own blog about their life and bug keeping I would be quite happy to put it on the website. 


I have of course been very busy with the bugs since last writing. I have many new creatures in my bug room. Last week I had a lot of new stick insects come in. Some are now showing for sale on the website and others I will be keeping for breeding (and some I haven’t had time to put on the site yet). There are some very interesting ones that I have not seen before and some that I just haven't kept for a long time. Many moons ago most of my business was stick insects and I probably had up to 20 species breeding at a time. These days I only keep a few of the more exciting ones like the beautiful Jungle Nymphs. I don't have the time to look after them all (constantly collecting leaves and cleaning out) and I don't have the space for all the cages. 


Although I visit several bug shows around the country each year I very rarely have tables at them anymore but I will be exhibiting and selling my little animals at a show next month. I will put details on my site nearer the time. I generally go to the shows to buy in new stock and of course chat to everyone. It is great to meet old and new friends and plenty of people that I have only communicated with by email or phone. I have decided to take part in this show as it falls at a good time, just before the school holidays when things tend to slow down in my work. I am also planning a week away so less animals to look after sounds like a good idea.


Whilst writing this blog I have the door open to my bug room and it was feeling hotter than ever. The heating is all on timers or thermostats so I have just been to investigate. I am horrified! The tube heaters that my husband fitted just a few months ago supposedly have their own thermostats but I have just discovered that they were all boiling hot. I have switched them off and will check to make sure this time. I can’t believe it, no wonder the bug room has been so hot the last few days, it is really hot and sunny outside but it didn’t seem to cool down when I opened the doors, now I know why! Goodness knows how much it will have been costing in electricity. We have just changed energy suppliers because our bills are a fortune L


What has happened to all the Stag beetles this year? I haven’t seen a single one, not even a squished one. I truly adore Stag beetles, they take me back to my childhood when I used to rescue them on the path as I walked to school. Sadly, they are far scarcer these days but I do hope they are still common in some areas? Everyone knows that I love snakes and really enjoy seeing them in the wild. It seems like a good year for Grass snakes as lots of people have sent me photos of snakes in their garden or ones that they have come across when out walking their dogs. I haven’t seen any but I live in hope of one day attracting them to my wildlife garden (I would probably settle for a slow worm). I do however have Bumble bees in my nesting box (I watch them on a screen from the camera in the box and they are fascinating), newts galore, frogs, hedgehogs, wood mice etc. All I need now is a night vision camera set up in the garden (I will put it on hubby’s list). I’m not sure if we have any bats in our bat boxes as I can’t reach and I can’t find the remote control to view them.


Anyway, better get on as I am off to Luxembourg for the weekend to visit my niece (special family occasion). I’m sure it will be lovely when I get there but as my hubby is in Spain and our daughter is in Tenerife, I have had to rope in an army of helpers with all the animals and now I find myself panicking about my garden as I haven’t arranged anyone to water it (sorry but I’m hoping the forecast is wrong and there is rain sometime at the weekend).


Yes, my life is busy as


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