Baby On The Way

Published: 10/10/2008 Comments: 0

I'm rather tired this morning. My nephew's third child is due this weekend and last night his wife Karen, started having mild contractions so they shot off to hospital and I settled down on the sofa for the night but they came back after some monitoring! We are a close family (hence 22 of us going off on holiday together this summer), my nephew and family live just around the corner and I have a feeling that Aunty Ginny will be needed later today, hopefully not tonight!

I wrote in my blog last week that I was 'thinking' of doing a few reptiles. One of my regular customers then told me that he had nine baby Corn snakes needing good homes and going for a very reasonable price. He is bringing them over tomorrow! I am now panicking and thinking what am I going to do with all these snakes. If anybody wants a Corn snake and lives near enough to collect (no I won't be posting them) just let me know, I'm not sure about price until I receive them.

I also mentioned in my blog last week that I had been asked to take part in a program for BBC Children in Need. Well I'm not sure what we have let ourselves in for but my daughter and I are going for a 'makeover' on Celebrity Scissorhands. The program is being filmed on 30 th October and shown on 31 st October, it will be a Halloween special on BBC 3. We are taking Stephanie, George's 13 year old pet Mexican Red Knee tarantula and some Hissing cockroaches (my favourite bugs). I'm not quite sure what we will be doing but I have been assured that the animals won't be getting a cut and blowdry. It sounds fun but I am a little worried. George said that she would have anything done but I don't fancy an untrained celebrity cutting my hair, I have asked for a nice sedate manicure from Richard Fairbrass. He was the vocalist for Right Said Fred and I was a fan of theirs when I had George, I even called her Fred when she was in my tummy so it seems fitting to me! I am collecting sponsorship money now for our treatments so if any of you kind people would like to send a donation to me that would be brilliant. I have put a note on my web site so I hope to raise lots of money for Children in Need (please make any cheques out to Children in need - not to me).

The bugs are all going well, the bug house is a bit of a tip so I really need to clear it up today (I need to make room for the snakes). I have been out and about this week and seem to have got a bit behind with everything. I fed all the big spiders yesterday but I need to feed all the little ones today, plus the scorpions. It has been quite sunny this week but cold at night so I have started to send out heat packs with the animals. I must remember to order some more today, it certainly isn't going to get any warmer for some time now.


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