All going well!

All going well!

Published: 19/10/2017 Comments: 1

All going well! Life is good, well certainly improving. Still rushing around with not enough hours in a day but I can see light at the end of the tunnel at last. I have a steady trickle of orders, I would like an avalanche of orders but that clearly isn’t going to happen and so I have been concentrating on my Ginny’s Jungle parties and experiences. This week, I did my first presentation to a group of adults and was delighted that it went down so well, everyone seemed to enjoy it, there were lots of questions and a handling session afterwards (see Ginny’s Jungle Facebook page for photos). It was a 50+ group run by a lovely lady who wrote an article about me earlier in the year for a local glossy magazine. She asked if I had received many enquiries after the article appeared and this got me thinking, the honest answer was “no” and then I realised that all the Ginny’s Jungle events that I have carried out so far have been via word of mouth from people I actually know. The recent children’s party was for the grandson of a neighbour, the Beaver’s group was from a lady who works in the greengrocers and helps out at Cubs, the ‘Bug Keepers Experience’ that I am running next week is for a friend’s grandchildren who are visiting for half term. Clearly, I need to get myself out there and be seen! I have lots of ideas in the pipeline.


The weather has certainly turned cooler in the last couple of weeks, no hesitation now, all my orders are going out with a heat pack. I’ve had no reported losses so that’s great and it has been ages since I had a Special Delivery parcel delayed so that’s got to be good too.


The weekend before last my daughter and I went on a spa weekend to Stratford-upon-Avon (a competition win of course J). When I mentioned going there to my friend at the AES exhibition the weekend before, Clive, who still owns the Stratford Butterfly Farm gave us a free pass. The thing I didn’t realise was that the butterfly farm was literally across the road from the hotel that we stayed at. It was obviously meant to be so Georgie and I spent a very pleasant Sunday morning strolling around the butterfly house. I took lots of photos, it was a real trip down memory lane. I loved my time working at the London Butterfly House but it was a very long time ago. The place was really well kept, clean, tidy, with plenty of butterflies to see and an excellent selection of other bugs and reptiles on display. I was most impressed and the Leaf Cutter ant display was especially good. I would thoroughly recommend a visit there (I should do a trip advisor review – when I get time).


It is now only four weeks until we are off to Costa Rica! I can’t wait, it is sure to be out of this world amazing! I can only imagine the animals we will get to see out there, I will of course have my camera at the ready at all times. I still need to cut down on my stock, it is going ok but I can’t leave my poor daughter to look after all the stick insects that I have at the moment. They are eating a lot of bramble each week and it is dark so early, I really can’t expect her to be collecting leaves in the woods after work in the pitch black! I do have a local reptile shop that may take some but sadly the guy who used to take all my surplus stock when I went away is no longer in this area. I would love to sell some stick insects in bulk but they would need to be collected from me as posting a large number is just too difficult and expensive. Since all our local sweet shops have stopped selling sweets in jars I no longer have a ready supply to use for posting, they were perfect. I could buy new jars but they are far too dear. I will have to teach my daughter which are alternative plants to bramble that she can use. I am probably panicking about nothing, there is plenty of ivy in the woods opposite and we do have an evergreen Oak tree in the garden.


Anyway, I must get on, Teddi is waiting for her walk. I would say “waiting patiently” but she is actually pacing up and down J



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