• Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescens - Green Bottle Blue Tarantula

Common Name:Green Bottle Blue Tarantula
Scientific Name: Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens

Status : Captive Bred

Country of origin - Venezuela
Habitat: Ground dwelling
Suitability:  Not overly aggressive but they can move quite fast

My Opinion:
These spiders are stunning, they are beautiful as spiderlings and only get better with age. The adult is green, blue and orange, possibly one of the prettiest tarantula species. They can be quite skittish, they don't look like fast runners but believe me they are! They like to build a lot of webbing but  are not generally aggressive. I would not recommend handling them but they are fascinating to watch.


It is difficult to give a size for the spiders as stock is constantly changing. Generally, the small size is a spiderling up to 1.5cm body length (small will be SMALL), juvenile is a grown on spiderling with a body length of about 1.5cm, medium 2cm to 4cm and a large is 4cm to fully adult (but a lot depends on the species!)

I am happy to send a photo of any medium or large size spider that you are interested in, just email me!

All spiders are unsexed unless stated.

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Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescens - Green Bottle Blue Tarantula

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