• Jungle Nymph Stick Insect (Heteropteryx dilatata) Nymph

Common Name : Jungle Nymph Stick Insect
Scientific Name : Heteropteryx dilatata

Size : Nymph 
Status : Captive Bred
Food: Bramble, Oak

The most impressive stick insect ever! Female is huge, bulky and bright green, the male is more slender and brown with beautiful cerise wings.

Stick insects are generally sent as a male and female pair, or single male. If you require a single female please telephone to check availability (unless I have a surplus of females a male will be sent).

How I keep mine

I keep my Wood Nymphs and Jungle Nymphs slightly differently  to the way I keep the more traditional 'stick like' stick insects. I find they thrive in a warm, humid environment and need the space to move around freely. Like all stick insects they must hang upside down to moult successfully and they therefore require a cage that is tall rather than long. I find a fish tank with a lid is good, it doesn't need to be a new one as there is no need for it to be water-tight. A lot of people throw out old tanks and it is easy enough to make a lid with netting. A tank turned on its end  works well. I place a heat mat on the back or side of the tank and put peat, coir or vermiculite on the base (depth 6-8cm) . The substrate helps maintain moisture and these stick insects also lay their eggs in it. Once again, a more expensive option for housing  is an Exo Terra vivarium. They are super cages for keeping a large range of pet bugs.

I feed the stick insects mostly on bramble but they also seem to enjoy a little Oak (evergreen Oak in the winter) and rose.  I place the stems in a jar of water and put tissue around the neck of the jar so that they don't drown themselves. I change the food once or twice a week and top up the water in the jar as necessary. I spray the stick insects with tepid water each  day if I feel they need it but I do try to keep the tank humid by covering some of the ventilation in the lid with a plastic sheet/cling film. I find this is most important during the winter when the radiators are on and they dry out the room. 


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Jungle Nymph Stick Insect (Heteropteryx dilatata) Nymph

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