• Tail-less Whip Scorpion (Euphrynichus bacillifer) Small

Tail-less Whip Scorpion
Scientific name : Euphrynichus bacillifer

Size : Small (photo is of the small one, no adult photo available)
Status : Captive bred

Food : Crickets, wax worms and other bugs.

Amazing creatures, they are like a flattened scorpion with long claws and antennae.

How I keep mine

I keep my Tail-less Whip scorpions in large plastic jars but a fish tank with a lid would do just as well. They are quite easy to keep and require minimal care but they must have a high degree of humidity and need to be kept individually.  I use peat, coir or vermiculite as a substrate and place pieces of bark and coconut shells on the floor for them to climb on and hide under. They like to climb so a few twigs are appreciated as well. I keep the box warm with a heat mat and provide a dish of water. I feed my Tail-less Whip scorpions once a week with various sized crickets and other small bugs as available, cockroaches, moths, wax worms etc. I spray the box with tepid water when necessary, usually about twice a week. They are quite secretive, preferring to come out at night but they seem happy to be handled and are amazing to watch (I love their long antennae). They are one of my favourite pet bugs and are completely harmless with no stings or large jaws but they can run fast! 


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Tail-less Whip Scorpion (Euphrynichus bacillifer) Small

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