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Common Name : Question Mark Cockroach
Scientific Name :  Therea olegrandjeani

Size : Adult
Status : Captive Bred

This species is very similar to the Domino cockroach but the pattern on the wings look like question marks! A beautiful species of cockroach. Both sexes look alike, black with white spots, adult size approx. 2-3cm. 

Food: Food : Cockroaches will eat a range of fruit, veg, cereals and kitchen scraps. I feed all my cockroaches on my dried 'cockroach mix' (muesli, cat biscuits, fish pellets and bran - mixed together), plus a little fruit and veg. I generally feed the cockroaches once or twice a week.

How I keep mine

I keep my Question Mark cockroaches in plastic boxes (24 litre or 32 litre, opaque, purchased from Wilko or Tesco).  I make air holes in the lid with my little soldering iron, great for burning the right size holes through plastic. I use peat, coir or vermiculite on the base and add leaf litter (Oak, Beech or other hardwoods) and pieces of bark or egg trays to hide under. I am discovering more and more that many cockroaches will eat some leaf litter and seem to enjoy it but it isn't strictly necessary as I kept cockroaches successfully for many years without giving them any leaves. I feed them once or twice a week on my dried cockroach mix and pieces of fruit and vegetables. I find banana and cucumber are favourites.

I place my boxes on a shelf with a heat mat on it, I use a strip heat mat (15cm wide) and this covers part of the base of the box (several boxes can fit on one long mat). Like most bugs it is a good idea to give them a dry and a damp area to choose from. I find the area above the heat mat is dry and the area not covered by the heat mat is a little more moist.  I use plastic boxes for my cockroaches as I have lots of species and don't have the space to keep them all in individual tanks but of course they do equally well when housed in a plastic or glass tank and are much more visible.

 Some cockroaches climb better than others, I find the nymphs of the Question Mark cockroaches like to burrow but the adults prefer to be out on the surface so I wouldn’t try keeping them without a lid on the cage. Both sexes have fully formed wings and may possibly be able to fly, although I can’t recall witnessing this. They seem to like drier conditions than some other species. Most cockroaches will not do well in stale, damp conditions as this encourages mould to grow.


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Question Mark Cockroach (Therea olegrandjeani) Adult

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