Easter Bank Holidays

Please hurry to get your orders in if you want your order to arrive before Easter! Due to the 2 Bank holidays I am only able to send orders on Monday and Tuesday (I would hate any animals to be held up in the holiday post). 

About Me

I am the original 'Bug Lady', breeding and supplying many types of creepy crawly pets. My little home  business has now been going for well over 30 years, in the last couple of years I have found myself being called the ‘Spider Lady’ more often than not. Trends are continually changing and arachnids are far more popular than they have ever been before. I have a bug room at the side of our house that is dedicated to keeping a multitude of creatures. Since moving out of London in 2003, my work is mainly postal but I do welcome visitors by appointment. It took me some time to actually reach the 21st century and see the potential of customers ordering online. I am now fully convinced, business has increased tremendously since setting up my first online store in 2009. In October 2012 my online store went live, the photographs were larger and clearer, the information more comprehensive and the online ordering simpler and therefore easier to use. In September 2015 my online store was completely revamped to make it more compatible for ordering on a mobile device such as phone or tablet.  The website is now far easier to navigate on a smaller screen and the clarity of the photographs is yet again improved. Early in 2015 I finally became acquainted with the wonders of Facebook and I now post the latest information and photographs on a regular, quite often daily basis. I am still readily accessible by email and telephone and I strive to maintain my position as the most friendly and reliable bug supplier! (my USP? I do not lie!)

In years gone by I bred Lepidoptera for schools and private individuals, I manufactured a range of net cages and visited primary schools with my mini-beast show. I now concentrate on breeding and supplying live bugs within the UK and Europe. I appeared on television quite frequently in the past (the Big Breakfast and various children's TV shows), these days I am generally behind the scenes, supplying the bugs to be filmed. I provide many schools, universities, butterfly farms, zoos and private individuals with an ever increasing number of invertebrate animals. I am mainly a livestock supplier but I do sell a few pieces of associated equipment e.g. heat mats, plastic containers, thermometers and hygrometers. All my parcels are sent by Royal Mail's fastest methods of delivery, which is calculated on weight. I therefore only sell 'lighter' items of equipment these day. As you can tell from just a couple of paragraphs the bug business is ever changing and l do my best to adapt, trading for over 30 years isn't bad going!  I do not import any animals, consequently the vast majority of my creatures are captive bred. 

21 Willow Close
Flackwell Heath
High Wycombe
HP10 9LH

Tel: 07971 838724 / 01628 522632 (Office hours Monday-Friday 9am - 4pm)
Email: [email protected]


Special Offer
Hissing Cockroach (Gromphadorhina species) Adult / Sub-adult

Hissing Cockroach (Gromphadorhina species) Adult / Sub-adult

Common Name : Hissing Cockroach Scientific Name : Gromphadorhina species Size : Adult ..


Special Offer
Giant Metallic Fruit Beetle (Coelorrhina hornimani)  Large Larva

Giant Metallic Fruit Beetle (Coelorrhina hornimani) Large Larva

Common Name: Giant Metallic Fruit Beetle Scientific Name: Coelorrhina hornimani Size:..


Bumblebee Millipede (Anadenobolus monilicornis) Large Juvenile

Bumblebee Millipede (Anadenobolus monilicornis) Large Juvenile

Common Name: Bumblebee Millipede Scientific Name: Anadenobolus monilicornis Size:..